Next Steps Conference

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From the RightNow Campaign, an illustration of how we can live for the Lord.

Who We Are Working With

One of the most important things about the Next Steps Conference is the opportunity for networking it will be for everyone in attendance. This begins early. Here are a few of the organizations we are working with to advertise and partner with.

An official Business As Mission website managed by Youth With A Mission’s BAM team is featuring a sidebar ad for the conference.

The Christian Community Development Association, the biggest name in community development in the Christian community, is advertising the conference on their website.

Regent University’s Center for Entrepreneurship will be working with us to advertise on their campus.

Next Steps Conference


Thank you for visiting the Next Steps Conference blog.  Here you will find current conference information and speaker entries.

The Next Steps Conference is the first student led and student focused conference centered on the Business as Mission (BAM) movement.  We look forward to making history by partnering with you and your university at this conference.  The conference will be held on Indiana Wesleyan University on February 2-4, 2012.

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