Workshop Topics

IWU Students for BAM
Indiana Wesleyan University Partners with YWAM to Visit Thailand BAM Businesses
In IWU’s May term 17 undergraduate business students and two professors traveled to Thailand in partnership with Mark Plummer, director of BAM Resource Team for YWAM (Youth With a Mission), to see first hand real BAM businesses.  Hear about what they encountered and discuss how to embark on your own BAM trip through your university.
Growers First Wheaton
Connecting with your Mission through a Hands on Business Experience
Group members will be sharing about how their experiences with Growers First and at Wheaton College has connected them to the people that Growers First works with in Latin America.
S. Jung
The Immense Joys and Deep Challenges of Doing B4T in Central Asia
The challenges have been herculean, but the joys have been otherworldly.  S. Jung will share the realities of running a poultry farm in a developing country where the darkness is great, but so is the transformation.
Taylor University
Empowering Honduran Entrepreneurs: Joining with Partners Worldwide
Since 2009, the School of Business at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana has sponsored a Business as Ministry spring break trip to Central America.  Working directly with Partners Worldwide, the Taylor students present practical business training seminars to micro entrepreneurs who have limited formal education, but have a desire to grow their enterprises.  In this workshop you will learn how BAM is put into action by the Taylor students and the impact of this ministry on those being served and those who are serving.
Scott McFarlane
The Mission of Business and the Business of Missions
Merging the complexities and principles of excellence in for-profit business with a strong missiological strategy for leveraging the creative capacity of business to be missional is challenging at best.  This presentation will discuss case studies of mid-sized, for-profit companies and how they have integrated and applied their faith in the context of their businesses in the U.S. and Asia.  I will use a PowerPoint with pictures and videos to help to tell the stories of Christian business executives and owners that have been seeking to apply the principles of Scripture in the context of their businesses to reach their communities with the holistic Gospel.  Scriptural themes from I Peter 2:9 and James 1:27.
Greg Elzinga
Transforming the World Through Transforming Business
Business people are working to bring economic, spiritual and social transformation to their local community and around the world by living out their business as their ministry.  Greg Elzinga will share how the ministry of Partners Worldwide is encouraging business people to embrace their calling to business as a holy and sacred calling from God and how that leads to a holistic approach to addressing the challenges of global poverty.

Gene Atkisson
Business As Mission – Vessel of Light in the Modern world.
Frontier’s BAM endeavor to enter, bless and transform.  We will look at some Whats and Hows, Pits and Peaks in Creative Access development for Going, Giving, and Living your life for Transforming Effect.
Doug Witzig
BAM and Church Planting

Summary: How can a Business as Mission venture integrate the goal of establishing reproducing churches?  This workshop will present several models of how businesspeople, churches and mission agencies can partner together in team-based strategies.
Chris Thorpe
The Soul of the Business
Interactively looking at case studies of actual BAM operations in East Asia, drawing out principals that are key to designing, implementing and monitoring the soul of the business. Focus on the missional influence of BAM.
The Kumars
Hinduism, India & BAM
India is one of the most diverse, complex, and fascinating places on the planet. A multi-religious nation with 1/6 of the world’s population, India is on the rise. But how do you bring together the extreme poverty that we hear about along with the vast wealth and boom that India is experiencing? With a nation as confusing as India, can outsiders make a difference? Hear BAM practitioners talk about working in a Hindu community and learn about what kind of opportunities are really out there to bring long-term, sustainable change to India.

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