IWU Students for BAM

About the Next Steps Conference

The leadership of IWU Students for BAM has seen a need–for students and higher education faculty and administration to have the opportunity to experience and be influenced by a conference focused on them and the BAM movement.

Our goals are:

  • EDUCATE attendees in the variety of BAM opportunities available to them
    • Avenues: from team training to Christian corporations
    • Majors/professions: business, communications, nursing, TESOL etc.
    • Geographic locations: domestic or international work
  • INTEGRATE attendees with the existing BAM network
    • Students
    • Faculty
    • Administration
    • Mission agencies
    • BAM professionals
  • EQUIP attendees to initiate BAM endeavors and groups back home at their own campus or town

About IWU Students for BAM (Business as Mission)

Mission Statement:

IWU Students for BAM (Business As Mission) is a community of Christ-followers cultivating a lifestyle of transformation in any domestic and international vocation through utilizing God given skills.

Vision Statement:

IWU Students for BAM (Business As Mission) will strive to bring the Kingdom of God to those in need through equipping believers across IWU and neighboring Christian campuses.  By creating relationships and establishing a network of Business As Mission professionals, BAM will serve as an access point for students pursuing internships and career paths.

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